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    What Happens When TA & Hiring Managers Unite? Best Practices from Walmart, One Medical & More

    Strategies for SMB, MM & Enterprise

    Key Takeaways

    Traditional hiring practices of SMBs, MM, and Enterprise level employersHired’s recommendations for each business sizeSpecific examples of tactics and strategies from talent leaders

    About the eBook:

    A common thread we’ve seen with some of our top employers on Hired is engagement with candidates from both TA and hiring management teams. In this piece, we’ll show how some companies are achieving new heights by inviting both groups to collaborate on the platform and in the process.

    In this robust ebook, we’ll also take a detailed look at how enterprise, mid-market, and SMB employers approach hiring talent, share our best practices for each, and how companies such as Walmart Global Tech, Smartsheet, One Medical, Tanium, NBCUniversal, Gem, Mercari, and more increased acceptance rates and sped up time to hire. In some cases, 11 days faster than the benchmark! More

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    Want to Hire a Globally Distributed Team? 4 Ways to Get Started

    In the last few years, more companies have expanded their workforces globally than ever before. Businesses realized the talent pool is no longer limited to their city limits (or even their country’s borders, for that matter) and skilled workers everywhere are getting a shot at working for top employers—no matter where they live. Related: Hired […] More

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    How to Build and Scale a SaaS Sales Team

    It’s easy for founders to be salespeople. They’re often the face of the brand and the person most excited about the product or service. They often allude to this by referring to themselves as “Chief Evangelist” or “Head Cheerleader.” But, founders simply can’t do everything and build the business. So, there comes a time when […] More

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    2022 Recruiting Benchmarks for Scaling Startups

    What You’ll Learn: Top recruiting trends for small to medium size businesses (in the US, companies with less than 10,000 employees, in the UK, less than 1000) Benchmarking metrics for value-driven recruitment strategies, including equity, efficiency, and transparency As a scaling startup or mid-size business, what your 2022 recruiting metric goals should be About this […] More

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    Want to Run Better Interviews? You Need a Pre-Brief Meeting (Free Template)

    A seamless interview includes more than candidate experience and playing calendar Wordle. It’s important your team is ready to make the most comprehensive, fair, and scaleable assessment possible. How? A pre-brief meeting ensures great candidate experience, comprehensive evaluation, and a standardized and repeatable interview process. We began conducting a pre-brief meeting before interviews at Hired […] More