Common FAQs from Jobseekers: Answers to Help You Craft a Professional Resume (VIDEO)

Have questions about building your resume as you navigate the job search? We shared the answers in our AMA-style discussion (now on-demand!) to address FAQs about resume optimization for the job search. Keep reading for an inside look into what the experts had to say. 

You’ll hear from these Hired team members:

  • Sophia Koehl, Partnerships
  • Jules Grondin, Recruiting
  • Nate Becker, Candidate Experience

Read the beginning of the conversation here and scroll down to access the full webinar. 

Do recruiters look at resumes?


Simple answer for me – we absolutely look at resumes. A resume is what’s going to get you to an interview and you really want it to pop. We’ll definitely talk more about that in the next few slides but overall keeping your resume concise and straight to the point. Recruiters don’t want to read through something lengthy, but a resume really is what’s going to make you stand out and move on to the interview process. We see what your job background is in your career and if you’re going to be qualified for a role.


I would say absolutely as well. When you create a Hired profile we encourage you to upload your resume the moment you sign up so companies have a full picture of your professional background. The employers on our platform want to see your resume in addition to your profile. They love to go check out that resume and corroborate your experience. We find that candidates who do upload a resume get more attention on the platform and see more interview requests. It’s really great to note that recruiters and employers are looking at the resume. This leads me to wonder how long they look at it. I’d be curious about what our attendees think about that. 


Nate, I think you are right on par. Let’s go ahead and start a poll. How long is it that the average recruiter spends looking at a resume? Is it less than 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, or two minutes?

Looks like the winner of the poll is 30 seconds. Well, we’ve got an answer for you on how long it really is. On average, employers and recruiters look at resumes for just 6 to 7 seconds. However, the amount of time varies from company to company. A lot of times, these are humans looking at resumes but there is a consistency to call out. The study, done by Ladders, points out resumes with a simple layout and clear sections and titles performed better mostly every time. That’s an important takeaway.

Other key topics from the conversation include: 

  • Explaining resume gaps
  • Making a resume stand out for a remote job
  • Highlighting transferable and technical skills
  • How to know if an ATS can read your resume
  • And more! 

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