The Web 3.0 Wave is Coming – What Talent Acquisition Teams Need to Know

We covered “what is Web 3.0” in a blog, but this eBook takes the next step, diving deeper in the subject.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to hire developers, programmers, and engineering managers in Web 3.0
  • Common skills for Web 3.0 and blockchain engineers
  • Emerging trends in Web 3.0 recruitment and hiring
  • How to attract and hire Web 3.0 talent with Hired.

About this eBook

These are exciting times! According to our survey data from our 2022 State of Software Engineers report, 72.2% of respondents shared they number one reason they became software engineers was the opportunity for continuous learning and new challenges. Web 3.0 brings exactly that!

In addition, when asked about the hottest industry trends, 34.1% of respondents chose “Metaverse and AR/VR” while 30.9% chose “Web 3.0.” (The Metaverse is one of many applications for Web 3.0.)

It seems conversations about Web 3.0 are everywhere these days, so what do you as a jobseeker, a recruiter, talent acquisition professional, or hiring manager need to know? Let’s dive into the skills, hiring tips, the growth potential, and talent compensation data.

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What’s the Deal with Web 3.0 & How Does it Affect Tech Talent?