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Full Time

Job Responsibilities
• Responsible for the entire delivery process of the project, and effectively control the project time cycle, personnel arrangement, function delivery quality, development progress, estimated risks, etc.;
• Formulate the main plan for project development and implementation, and regularly update and report the project delivery status;
• Define the reasonable arrangements and personnel deployment for multiple projects in parallel, make full use of project resources such as members of the project team and various departments in the company to ensure that the implementation work is completed according to the established plan and implemented smoothly;
• Responsible for the compilation and review of key results in the implementation process such as project implementation schedules, business solutions, customized demand solutions, etc., and write implementation processes, project implementation plans, follow-up feedback, implementation training courseware, software-assisted applications, etc.
• Documents to promote the construction of standardized procedures for project implementation;
• Compilation and management of project-related documents, including demand changes, plan discussions, meeting minutes, work logs, plan adjustments, plan updates, etc.

job requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience, computer, management information and other related majors, software project management work experience;
• Familiar with the development and delivery process of web products and mobile products;
• Familiar with mainstream back-end technology stacks such as: Golang, Python, etc. preferred;
• Possess strong communication, expression skills, team leadership skills, and problem analysis and problem solving skills;
• Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and have a high sense of responsibility for the completion of work tasks and work schedules;
• Have a strong sense of professionalism and hard work, have the courage to challenge peaks, and dare to shoulder heavy responsibilities;
• Possess certain technical document writing ability, experience in blockchain and financial industry is preferred.

Hoo Exchange is the world’s leading digital assets trading platform.

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