2021 State of U.K. Tech Salaries

What You’ll Learn

  • U.K. tech salary trends based on role, industry, and years of experience
  • How technical employees ranked non-salary compensation, such as benefits
  • The impact of the Great Resignation on the demand for tech talent
  • 4 Steps to accelerate your hiring process short term and develop a long term recruitment strategy to handle attrition.

About this content

In this inaugural State of U.K. Tech Salaries, we took a close look at Hired’s marketplace data to uncover how and why salaries changed – specifically with the spike in remote work – since the beginning of 2019. We also studied how demand for tech talent shifted across different markets.

Finally, we gained valuable insights from more than 1,200 tech employees to provide guidance to recruiters, heads of talent, and hiring managers. With this data, companies can adapt to meet changing candidate preferences, revamp hiring strategies, and thrive in the Great Resignation era.

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