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    Looking for flexibility, personal growth, and competitive compensation? You can have it all at Northwestern Mutual’s industry-leading Internship Program

    Those who take on athletics and extracurriculars in college are individuals with incredible drive who become intensely motivated by their passions and their desire to pursue them. Over the years, Northwestern Mutual has come to understand that these types of people thrive and find success as financial representatives. 

    Whether it’s their desire to make a lasting impact or the ability to have a flexible schedule, there are several reasons why athletes and people involved in nonscholastic activities do so well as financial representatives.

    Recently, we interviewed a couple of college financial representative interns who are also involved with athletics and extracurriculars to understand why the job is so perfect for people like them.

    Complimentary Skills and Characteristics

    While athletes tend to have incredible amounts of drive and motivation, those involved in Greek life and clubs are typically very people-oriented. These traits are particularly beneficial to have as a financial representative because of the self-starter attitude and the communication skills that are essential to the job!

    Phillip Li, a varsity baseball player at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, provides his team with quick hands as an infield baseman in addition to holding down a .429 slugging average this past season. During this time, he also helped a couple plan their retirement. 

    Phillip went on to discuss how the drive he has towards training for a successful season was similar to the efforts he put forward with his clients. He visualized his goal, put together a “game plan,” worked with his teammate (senior partner), and saw the objective through to completion.

    Picking Out Your Own Schedule

    As most students know, especially those involved in athletics, college schedules can get really busy. Academics and social life already take up a large percentage of your time but when you start committing to athletics and nonscholastic activities it often seems impossible to do anything else.

    Northwestern Mutual’s college financial representative intern role is unique because it is built to accommodate the hectic lives of college students with busy schedules. Take Jack Thompson for example, a Division 3 lacrosse player at Union College. In our conversation with Jack, he spoke to us about how his mentors at Northwestern Mutual worked with him to make sure his professional life was fitting well with his college life.

    Maybe you have a big test coming up, practice, or a week-long lacrosse tournament in Austin as Jack did. As a financial representative intern at Northwestern Mutual, there is no need to fret. Northwestern Mutual understands that you have other things going on in your life. This being the case, Northwestern Mutual consults with you to find a balance that works for everyone. 

    Real Game Time Experience

    If you are on a team, you don’t want to be sitting on the bench. The same goes professionally when you’re working at a job! But in order to get game time ready, you need to practice.

    When you’re just getting started as a financial representative, a senior representative will have you shadow them on real client calls, gradually getting you more and more involved. The work you do is the same as if you were a full-time financial representative, but you have the support and mentorship from leaders along the way. 

    After a few times, the training wheels come off and you will be on your own making financial recommendations for clients!

    While there is a short shadow period during which you learn the ropes with a senior employee, this only lasts for a little while until you’re on the field getting real experience with real clients.

    Ambitious Minds Thrive Here

    One trait a lot of athletes and those involved in extracurriculars have that makes them particularly successful at Northwestern Mutual is their ambition. Whether it’s waking up early for practice or just the internal desire to grow and better yourself, these types of people are made for the college financial representative intern position.

    In our conversation with Sayawni Lassiter, a Division 1 Women’s College basketball player at the University of Rhode Island and college financial representative intern, she recounted how she connected with her recruiter and how he expressed that ambition is a key ingredient in being successful as a financial representative.

    If you’re a current college student and want to start experiencing real-life work as a financial professional, take a look at Northwestern Mutual’s industry-leading college financial representative intern position.

    Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives are Independent Contractors whose income is based solely on production.

    Not all Northwestern Mutual representatives are advisors. Only those representatives with the titles “Financial Advisor” or “Wealth Management Advisor” are credentialed as NMWMC representatives to provide advisory services.

    Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) and its subsidiaries in Milwaukee, WI. More

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    The Ideal Side Hustle You Can Do Where You Want, When You Want

    Over the past few years, the work-from-home industry has undergone incredible growth with numerous companies shifting to partly or fully remote operations. With this change, a lot of opportunities have opened up for college students looking for part-time jobs and individuals looking for side hustles. However, the rise of all these opportunities has also led to a crowded job market that has left job seekers directionless looking for the right fit.

    As a company that helps thousands of young professionals find jobs, we’ve been able to identify the makings of great remote job opportunities. During our search, we came across Appen, a machine intelligence company, and its Yukon Raters program.

    As a Search Engine Evaluator within Appen’s Yukon Raters program, you are responsible for rating the quality of web pages and the relevance of search results. Undertaking any number of tasks such as rating automated voices, determining what topics are central and secondary to what a given web page is about, and more, being a Yukon Rater allows you to work at any time and from anywhere you have a computer with internet access

    Recently, we spoke with a few former Yukon Raters who were recently promoted within the company to Quality Analysts. In our conversations with them, we learned that the flexibility, the engaging material, the impact of their work, and their ability to grow professionally at the company all contributed to Yukon Raters being the perfect part-time, work-from-home job.

    Set Your Own Schedule

    As a college student or professional looking for a part-time gig, being able to set your own schedule is a very rare, but sought-after feature. At Appen, you are able to work at any time of day on any day of the week! The work is always there so you can log in and log off when you choose.

    While there is a minimum amount of hours you must work, you are still able to complete tasks on your own schedule.

    There’s so much that opened up for me because the work is literally there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was able to take a last-minute trip in 2017 to Japan because the schedule was so flexible. Another instance was when my mother had some health problems and I was able to travel in order to provide care for my family without missing work. I have worked in hospitals, restaurants, and even in a car. For me, it’s just allowed me to really do what I want while earning a living.
    Laura James, Quality Analyst*

    Chelsea Mitchell, another long-time Yukon Rater turned Quality Analyst, said the flexibility of her schedule allowed her to pursue another job at the same time.

    The hours were very flexible. You could work as much as you want as long as you don’t go over a certain amount of hours each week. You could even work in the middle of the night from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM if you wanted. It was great because I was able to have my other job with the set schedule and then just work around that. I could work on the weekends, I could work three days a week, I could work five days a week, just as long as I met the minimum and didn’t go over the maximum.
    Chelsea Mitchell, Quality Analyst

    The ability to manage your own time as a Yukon Rater gives people the freedom to pursue other goals in life, both professional and personal.

    Learn About Interesting Stuff

    Another thing that makes the Yukon Rater position so sought after is the fact that the material you’re looking into is engaging and oftentimes never the same. Due to the nature of the job, having to examine different websites and different types of content, you are exposed to a wide expanse of information. This keeps the job fresh and new!

    I think it’s a job where it’s really difficult to get bored. We’re researching different types of information and content that you get to learn about through the process of rating. You get to learn about all different kinds of topics whether it’s cultural things, current events, or cool science stuff. So I think that that helps to keep it really interesting.
    Elizabeth Parker, Quality Analyst*

    For Elizabeth, she was really interested in politics. So for her, getting paid to read about topics that she finds interesting has been more than ideal!

    It wasn’t really a boring job at all and I was always learning something. There was a lot of diversity in the tasks that we would get in our queues every day. You never kind of knew what you’re gonna be working on so it was really cool in that regard.
    Susan Garret, Quality Analyst*

    While the work the Yukon Raters were doing was enjoyable and engaging, it was just as much impactful to the digital world and the billions of users who occupy it.

    You’re Making the Digital World a Better Place

    The main goal of the Yukon Rater is to make searching the web a better experience. While this has to do with assessing the accuracy and relativity of web pages and search results, it also has to do with making sure no offensive or harmful material is present. 

    For example, this might have to do with a Yukon Rater flagging a children’s YouTube video because it has inappropriate content in it or a rater flagging a blog for containing offensive language. 

    One responsibility of ours has to do with offensive-type tasks. One of the big things was trying to weed out upsetting or offensive videos on YouTube. We would also examine videos and pages to make sure there was no porn or racist material which is really important. It’s a rewarding job because I did think we were making a difference. Everyone wants to have a pleasant internet browsing experience and we are helping facilitate that.
    Laura James, Quality Analyst*

    The Internet is a place full of endless information and opportunity, but it also has some shady and dark places. Luckily, there are people like Laura and the rest of the Yukon Raters keeping the website clean and free of offensive material.

    We’re definitely helping to make search a better experience for users and that’s something to take a lot of pride in. Everybody uses search, so it’s exciting to be a part of what’s making that better.
    Susan Garret, Quality Analyst*

    Ability to Grow Within the Company

    During your work as a Yukon Rater, you get the opportunity to grow your skills in a number of ways. Whether it’s research skills, data and analytics muscles, communication abilities, or general knowledge, being a Yukon Rater is just as good for your resume as it is for conversation at a dinner party.

    However, Appen and their Yukon Raters program also help you grow your professional career as well. All of the Appen employees we spoke with were former Yukon Raters that are now full-time with Appen working as Quality Analysts who, in addition to other job functions, oversee the raters.

    While Appen wants their employees to enjoy the liberties of their incredibly flexible and lucrative Yukon Raters job, they also want to encourage and enable employees to grow within the company. While Raters are invited to become Quality Analysts, they are also encouraged to reach out to management if interested in the position. More often than not, management will give you the tools you need to make it to that level!

    So if you’re looking for a part-time, work-from-home job that allows you to work when you want, learn about interesting topics, make an impact on the world, and grow yourself professionally, be sure to check out Appen and their Yukon Raters program.

    Start browsing open roles at Appen today!

    *Names of employees have been changed* More

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    The #1 Way to Earn Cash in College While Getting Real Marketing Experience

    It seems nearly impossible to find a job as a college student these days. And we’re not just talking about post-grad. We’re talking about a job you can do while you’re actively enrolled in school. One that pays well, offers benefits, is flexible, and works well with the oftentimes chaotic lives of college students.

    But does such a job exist? One that is actually enjoyable, fun, and fulfilling? We’re happy to say there is, with a company called The Black Sheep.

    Offering services that range from on-campus outreach to social media marketing, The Black Sheep partners with brands and companies to help bring their message to college students and Gen-Z audiences everywhere. Employing students from every major and area of interest, The Black Sheep has provided college students with the opportunity to make money, pursue an education, and grow themselves as individuals at the same time.

    In order to find out why university students everywhere are talking about The Black Sheep, we spoke with Anna Gollihar, a former Micro-Influencer and now Campus Ambassador with the company. In our conversation with Anna, she spoke about the many reasons why The Black Sheep is such an ideal employer for college students.

    Good Pay, Great Benefits

    First and foremost, working for The Black Sheep means you’re going to get paid. As a Campus Ambassador, you will make a minimum of $60 per shiftn and about $120-$180 per week, as a Micro Influencer, you can make a minimum of $50 per post and about $400 per campaign, and as a Student Data Collector, you can make anywhere from $25-$75 per week.

    In addition to the money, working for The Black Sheep comes with a ton of great perks. One perk, which was specific to a campaign, took place when Anna Gollihar was working for Gopuff during her time as a Micro-Influencer, she got tons of free food directly from Gopuff! 

    Gopuff, which is a food & grocery delivery service, basically paid for all her deliveries when she needed products for photo shoots. On top of free perks like that, employees are also offered recommendations, references upon requests, and even resume reviews to help bolster their professional career.

    Flexible Scheduling

    Another great benefit of The Black Sheep is your class schedule and other commitments are taken into account when working. Students submit their availability to their manager who schedules them around pre-existing commitments! As many of you know, college life can get pretty hectic! From studying and class to social life and extracurriculars, schedules can get pretty crowded.

    Anna explained that “before we start a campaign, we approve our dates, and what we are available for with the company that we’re partnering with” in a way that works with everyone’s schedules. At the end of the day, The Black Sheep knows how busy college students can be and they take that into account every step of the way.

    Real Work Experience

    As a college student, you should always take the opportunity to add more experiences to your resume. In The Black Sheep’s varying roles, you get the chance to do just that all while learning some new skills and meeting new people.

    For the Micro Influencer role, you can begin to see what it looks and feels like to work with brands on social content creation while also learning how to use trends and data to direct your content. In the Student Data Collector position, you get the chance to give feedback to businesses while also learning how to conduct yourself in a professional setting.

    For the Campus Ambassador position, you will learn how to make pitches and enhance some of your sales skills. In our conversation with Anna, she mentioned that one of the most valuable things she got from the Campus Ambassador experience was a better grip on her communication skills.

    As someone who is pursuing law, Anna can now take these skills with her into future aspirations.

    Long-Term Growth

    While The Black Sheep is a great employer for college students, they are just as great for those who have graduated and are looking for full-time roles with a revolutionary marketing company. As was the case with Anna Gollihar, her time with The Black Sheep didn’t end after her first stint as a Micro-Influencer. 

    When she started pursuing her law degree in Texas, Anna rejoined The Black Sheep but this time as a Campus Ambassador. This is because The Black Sheep values lasting relationships and likes to offer its workforce as many opportunities as possible.

    Even today as a Campus Ambassador, Anna still does work in the social media department that she was a part of previously.

    But even beyond the roles that The Black Sheep offers on campus, they also have corporate positions that you can embark on following graduation! 

    Social Involvement and Networking

    While The Black Sheep is a job, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The Micro-Influencer and Campus Ambassador roles are very social by their nature as they both involve engaging with your communities, whether they be digital or in real life. In addition to the people you engage with on your campus or social media, you also have your fellow employees.

    “I really genuinely enjoyed hanging out with the partner that I have on this campaign. So even if we’re having a slow day or it’s downtime on campus and we can’t find many people, we’re still laughing and having fun and hanging out.”

    Anna went on to say, “in a lot of ways, it connects you with people on campus. Through all the talking I’ve done I’ve made some friends on campus, even though it’s not a campus I go to.” 

    The fact that these jobs allow you to socialize with your peers and potentially make new friends all while getting paid is an incredible perk of The Black Sheep jobs.

    Join the Flock

    As The Black Sheep continues to grow and partner with new businesses, they are looking for more college students like you to help them with their efforts. There is no reason for you to suffer through college on a budget of ramen and macaroni!

    Join The Black Sheep as a Micro-Influencer, Campus Ambassador, or Student Data Collector and start earning money, gaining experience, and building your network today.   More

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    5 Ways Tutoring Will Amplify Your Financial & Professional Future

    As you make your way through college, a common question you might ask yourself is what money-earning opportunity you can find to fill your time, your mind, and your wallet while also finishing your education. Luckily, as the world embraces flexible or remote working arrangements, there are several avenues that are now available for students looking to earn money while in school. One great example is Varsity Tutors – their innovative virtual tutoring platform has been helping students for years by making it easy for them to earn money while pursuing an education. 

    Recently, we chatted with a pair of current students who are tutors at Varsity Tutors about how the company is giving them everything they need to pursue an education, gain experience, and supplement their livelihood all while choosing their own hours and making extra cash throughout the week! 

    1. Flexibility 

    One of the very real aspects of most jobs is your lack of control over your schedule, either getting too few hours or too many while having little say in the end result. 

    The desire for flexibility is part of the reason the job market has seen such a shift towards more freelance, gig, and contract opportunities like tutoring. At Varsity Tutors (VT), you have the ability to take on as many or as few students as you want, while working with them to make a schedule that suits both of you. 

    2. Work-Life Balance 

    Gone are the days when people lock themselves into jobs that consume their entire lives, especially while they’re enrolled in college. While it may be important to make extra money in school it is also important to enjoy and embrace everything that the university experience has to offer.

    The allure of having a good work-life balance makes tutoring with Varsity Tutors an opportunity that college students across the country have sought out. Much like the flexibility of scheduling, the ability to balance making money with everything else you have going on is why VT is perfect for someone who is busy. 

    Do you have drama club every Tuesday? Have a test you need to study for? No problem, talk to your student and find out a different time that works. 

    3. Remote Opportunities 

    As the world has come to find out over the last couple of years, remote work is here to stay. A study1 conducted by video-conferencing provider Owl Labs surveyed 3,000 employees in 23 countries over 6 continents and found that people who have the opportunity to work remotely at least monthly are 24% more likely to feel happy and productive in their roles. 

    Since Varsity Tutors offers fully-remote opportunities, these benefits are felt in their entirety. It doesn’t matter if you’re on-campus or at home for the holidays, VT allows you to tutor from where ever you are. Not only is it more comfortable, but the time and money you save on not having to commute or look for a new job for the summer will help you maintain your preferred schedule and cash flow. 

    Time is a valuable currency. Use all the time that you save to concentrate on school and to continue building the life you’ve always imagined. 

    4. An Opportunity That Grows with You 

    Everyone wants opportunities that stay new and fresh. In order to grow and learn you need to face new challenges! Luckily, at Varsity Tutors, you have the opportunity to delve into new subjects as you grow. 

    For example, say you tutor accounting while in college and eventually go on to become a CPA after you graduate. Then, you can return to VT to use your knowledge and experience to tutor students who are studying for their own CPA licenses. 

    As you advance through college and your career, you will be able to offer tutoring services in more subjects and on more advanced material. This growth can ultimately lead to you making more money! 

    1 Flex Jobs – New Study Finds Remote Workers Happier and More Productive

    5. Frequent Payments 

    Waiting on money is never a fun experience. Especially when you’re in college where money can be scarce. Luckily, Varsity Tutors is very aware of these challenges for students. In order to accommodate tutors’ diverse needs, VT tutors get paid twice a week! 

    This payment schedule allows tutors to focus on tutoring and what they need to do to get through school. No more worrying about when your paycheck is going to land, no more worrying about not having money to spend on the weekend, and no more hitting up mom and dad when you need some extra cash. 

    The Perfect Combination 

    It goes without saying that being a tutor is one of the most rewarding opportunities for someone trying to grow and advance their career. While the flexibility, work-life balance, remote accessibility, and payment schedule are great, tutoring is really what you make it. 

    Take Columbia grad student Raul I De La Espriella for example. Raul ended up finding his love for teaching while tutoring with VT, which catapulted him into an entirely different career path. 

    “Through Varsity Tutors, I found that I really enjoy teaching the craft of writing. It’s a special kind of feeling when someone can understand that they can write and gain confidence about it. When I watch a student learn to enjoy writing there’s nothing like it.”Raul I De La Espriella, Johns Hopkins, MA in Teaching Writing 

    After his experience with Varsity Tutors, Raul went on to switch his major from economics so he can pursue a career in education. This is a path he wouldn’t have taken if it weren’t for his impactful experience as a tutor for VT.

    Whatever your reason for joining Varsity Tutors, know that it is a place for people who want to grow themselves in more ways than one. For more information on how to start tutoring with Varsity Tutors, check out their company profile. More

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    10 of The Highest Paying Jobs for Early Career Candidates

    When you’re young, it’s hard not to think about money. Money you want to spend, money you want to invest, money you want to share with your family, and money that you want to earn. Depending on who you are and what field you’re pursuing, expectations about your starting salary are bound to vary. But that doesn’t change the fact that everyone still wants to know how much money they could possibly make in a particular career.

    This being the case, we decided to create a list of some of the highest paying jobs for early-career candidates using data sourced from Although there may be jobs that exist in between these rankings and salaries that vary from company to company, this will give you an idea of what you can expect to make in each of the corresponding positions.

    10. Accounting Analyst – $56,076

    At the top of our list, we have a position that everyone reading this should be familiar with – accountants. Accountants can range from public, to personal, to private, serving a myriad of clients with ranging budgets. As you can imagine, an accountant handling the taxes of a typical citizen opposed to an accountant handling the profile of a Fortune 500 company will vary. So keep that in mind when choosing your route!

    9. Risk Analyst – $59,921

    Next up on our list of highest paying jobs, we have risk analysts who are responsible for reviewing and examining financial firms’ investment portfolios. This includes overseeing international investments and assessing the risk involved with certain financial decisions. Although this is near the top of our list, don’t doubt the ability to make serious money in a career like this.

    8. Financial Analyst – $61,769

    Although a risk analyst may sometimes be classified as a financial analyst, the jobs vary in depth. A financial analyst works in banks, pension funds, insurance companies, and a wide range of other businesses that exist outside the financial realm. Their official titles may be specified as securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or ratings analyst.

    7. Inside Sales – $65,729

    An inside sales rep is an extremely broad category just because of how many different sectors they operate in. The reason this may be weighed down is because of the sheer amount of sales companies that exist in our markets. Although there may be bigshot inside sales reps who are making up to 6 digits including commission there are also reps selling cheaper products somewhere else. This is a position for the grinders as you put in what you get back.

    6. Investment Banking Analyst – $75,934

    In one of the more popular positions on our list of highest paying jobs, investment banking is an incredibly lucrative career. Placed in a variety of different industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, or any of the other emerging markets, investment banking analysts serve a critical role in securing and/or saving money for a wide variety of clients.

    5. Business and Information Technology – $81,100

    Business and information technology have always been a major presence across industries. But more so in recent times due to the advancement of technology within the space. As a business and information technology representative or analyst, you are responsible for the integration and oftentimes management of a business’ particular technology which, depending on the complexity of said technology, will range in compensation.

    4. Cyber Security Architect – $105,078

    Given the rise of cyber terrorism and the severity of the damage inflicted on victims, cyber security specialists have become a very high-paying job. Businesses across various different industries have enlisted the services of cyber security architects to make sure their defense systems are ironclad. Given the fact that finance companies with large quantities of money to keep safe are oftentimes the ones seeking out architects, you can expect to make a large chunk of change in a profession like this.

    3. Supply Chain Manager – $116,738

    A supply chain manager is responsible for coordinating, organizing, and overseeing multiple activities that revolve around the facilitation of a product. This includes the identification, acquisition, production, and distribution of said product all while making sure nothing goes wrong and saving money wherever possible. Given how fast product markets are growing, there is no wonder why this position is on our list of highest paying jobs.

    2. Software Engineer – $118,780

    Sitting comfortably at second on our list are software engineers. The degree of difficulty involved with becoming a software engineer, and a good one at that, is part of the reason why it is such a high-paying job. Depending on what kind of software you are designing and for who, expect this profession to keep you fed, well clothed, and living great.

    1. Data Scientist – $135,537

    There’s no denying the facts – data runs the world. In this information age of our’s where data and statistics have become currency, more and more companies, app developers, and entrepreneurs of every variety or seeking out knowledgeable and capable data scientists to help them turn numbers into profit. Profits that data scientists are given a large portion of. It’s for this reason that it stands at the top of our list as one of the highest paying jobs for early-career candidates.

    Although salary is an incredibly important factor when it comes to deciding where you want to work, it shouldn’t be the only factor. There are several reasons that make a job the right one for you and it’s critical that you weigh all of them with the intention of doing what’s best for you. 

    To find out more information on how to go about choosing a career path or determining what job is perfect for you, make a profile with WayUp and get matched with tons of employers all looking to fill positions today. More

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    Quiz: What’s Your Perfect Side Hustle? 6 Ways To Work Flexibly

    No matter what you study or what your ambitions are, you don’t have to wait to start making a little extra money. That’s what having a side hustle is all about. Whether it’s tutoring, cleaning, dog-walking, or even elder care, there are a ton of ways to make money on the side (and pad your resume while you’re at it).
    And no one has more options for these kinds flexible work than That’s why we partnered with them to make this quiz to help you determine what your best path to part-time pocket change really is.
    Check it out below.

    Ready to put your results to the test? Check out even more amazing part-time jobs and opportunities at on WayUp right now! More