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    Learn How The Estée Lauder Companies Champions Diversity & Career Advancement in the Beauty Industry

    Like many industries, the beauty industry has grown to be one of the fastest evolving markets with consumers who demand authenticity, representation, and innovative products that fit their unique needs. At The Estée Lauder Companies’ (ELC), our collective vision is to be the most inclusive and diverse beauty company in the world as well as the employer of choice for diverse talent and the brand of choice for our global consumers. Because of this, we understand that talent today don’t just want to know what companies WILL do as it pertains to inclusion, diversity, and equity, but have a genuine track record and a commitment to current and future leader’s career advancement.

    Today over 80% of our work force is female, 50% of our U.S. Workforce is comprised of minorities and 59% of Global VP positions and above are held by women.

    We are consumer obsessed and because of this we focus our priorities on ensuring our employee population reflects the communities we impact by ensuring equitable access to professional development and advancement opportunities.

    Driving Professional Development within HBCU Communities

    As an organization dedicated to professional development and education, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver on our ID&E commitments through external programs with our employee populations and HBCUs. To date, ELC has partnered with Howard University, Spelman College, and Florida A&M to provide virtual networking and career advancement programs for alumnae seeking ways to transition to the beauty industry.

    She’s Howard – ELC’s partnership program with Howard University was inspired by ELC’s longstanding relationship with the University that began in 2018 through an increased focus on HBCU recruiting. Since its inception in 2021, the program continues to be a resourceful networking tool for all Howard Alumnae. 

    Let’s Talk Beauty – ELC’s partnership program with the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College was designed to serve as a platform for ELC to connect with Spelman Alumnae through intentional conversations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities to provide career coaching and insights into the beauty industry. 

    FAMU 10-Week Travel Retail Program – ELC’s partnership program with Florida A&M University was designed to engage rising juniors and seniors by providing an inside look into the fast-paced world of Travel Retail. Participants join for a 10-week program during which 41 merit scholarships of US$10,000 were awarded to students in the University’s School of Business and Industry over the course of five years by the University on behalf of The Estée Lauder Companies. 

    Leading From Every Chair

    We believe in the power of leading from every chair and are committed to creating space for talent with unique backgrounds and perspectives to support and lead innovation. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products sold in approximately 150 countries and territories, we offer a number of opportunities for undergraduates, early career professionals and our internal community of employees to continue to challenge themselves and contribute to a number of exciting business priorities. 

    Lauder Summer Internship Program – A 10-week program that offers undergraduate students in the U.S. the opportunity to think critically in real-world corporate situations. Students have the opportunity to apply for openings in our corporate functions or at one of our brands, and they will be assigned based on their academic backgrounds and interests once they are accepted into the program. 

    Presidential Associate Program – An intensive, 18-month rotational program specially designed for undergraduates. This program integrates professional rotations with continuous leadership development, coaching, mentoring, hands-on practical experience, group networking opportunities, and strategic thinking initiatives to optimize talent and build business acumen and capability.

    From Every Chair Program – In June 2020, William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, and Fabrizio Freda, President and Chief Executive Officer, shared ELC’s Commitment to Racial Equity. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure Black employees have equal access to leadership trainings and mentorship programs with senior executives, the Global Talent team and the Inclusion & Diversity COE, in collaboration with the Network of Black Leaders and Executives (NOBLE) Employee Resource Group, created the From Every Chair (FEC) Leadership & Development Program. This 9-month Sponsorship and Mentorship program for current employees focuses on one-on-one mentoring sessions, curated professional development seminars and dedicated coaching from highly regarded executive coaches. Since its inception, the program was designed to develop and advance Black talent through enhanced programs focused on soft skills and career coaching for all participants.

    ELC Grow – In 2022, ELC launches its internal Talent Marketplace designed to connect employees to personalized recommendations for full-time roles, project and networking opportunities that can empower our community to grow their skills and careers. By matching employees with internal opportunities autonomously we encourage an environment of continued learning and fueling future career aspirations and interest.

    Head over to The Estee Lauder Company’s company profile to learn more about the company and for information on open roles! More

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    How KPMG Global Opportunities Prepare Early Career Professionals for the Workforce

    As a professional preparing to enter the workforce, it can feel overwhelming as you consider the seemingly limitless possibilities of what to pursue after graduation. When this time arrives, it’s important to consider what kind of employer is the best fit and where you can grow your skills the most.

    It goes without saying that new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone will contribute to professional growth and development. However, is it even possible to find a life-changing experience like that at the start of your career?

    KPMG, one of the Big 4 accounting firms, has grasped this experience-led development method and integrated it for their employees through their global presence and opportunities abroad.

    In addition to their global offices and international clientele, KPMG offers the opportunity for select students from across the world to participate in the Global Advantage Program and the Global Internship Program. KPMG knows that some of the best opportunities to grow and learn can happen outside of one’s home country and these programs are their way of leveraging that potential.

    Recently, WayUp spoke with a few current and future employees who participated in these unique global opportunities to hear about their experiences and what they gained from traveling and working abroad. In our conversations, we learned that the firm’s global opportunities help early career professionals step out of their comfort zone and gain invaluable skills that help them succeed in a new industry and workforce.

    The KPMG Global Advantage Program (GAP) is an opportunity for about 150 future interns from over 10 different countries to develop skills the summer before their internship. The four-day training course hosted in Europe seeks to grow students’ skills in the avenues of leadership, self-awareness, interpersonal impact, and cultural versatility.

    Here is a little bit of what the 2023 program in Brussels, Belgium looked like!

    [embedded content]

    This past summer, Jessica Commisso, a KPMG University Recruiter and former intern, attended GAP in Brussels with a group of students acting as an ambassador and manager. Her experience this past summer helped her see just how beneficial the program can be for new hires and their ability to work with different types of people.

    Another incredible opportunity for KPMG interns is the Global Internship Program (GIP), which provides real-world experience through a four-week rotational program. Whether it’s working in Dubai, London, Sydney, or many other global office locations, interns gain exposure to global professional services practices and increase relationship-building skills.

    Participants spend half of their internships working in a location outside of the US with international colleagues and develop a global network of professionals which enhances their skills in collaboration, networking, and communication. Additionally, interns gain meaningful work experience by learning about international accounting standards and working on tangible deliverables with global clients.

    This past summer, Victoria Vanriele participated in GIP as a Tax Intern working on the island of Mauritius off the coast of Africa. During her time in Mauritius, Victoria was thrown into a new and unfamiliar environment – an experience that helped her understand different cultural norms and ways to interact with people.

    As Victoria anticipates working with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds in her future full-time role, she will undoubtedly use her experience in Mauritius to help guide her.

    Hensen Lam, another participant in GIP, shared that the client work he did in Dubai had the greatest impact on his development.

    From leading client meetings to holding down presentations, Hensen gained confidence as a professional through hands-on experience and participation in real business deliverables.

    Whether it was getting comfortable with new and unfamiliar environments or gaining inspiration to succeed, both Victoria and Hensen had critical experiences that contributed to their growth at KPMG.

    Beyond the Global Advantage and Global Internship Programs, full-time professionals at KPMG also have the opportunity to gain international experience working with the firm’s global clients or by participating in the KPMG Global Opportunities (GO) program. Last year, nearly 70 KPMG member firms hosted over 770 professionals on rotations around the world.

    Jamie Bernstein, a Senior Associate in Tax who currently works with an international client, participated in both global programs before she joined the firm full-time. She acknowledges how helpful it was to understand the international tax perspective through global client work. While at the London office, she interacted with several international colleagues and enjoyed learning more about their backgrounds.

    As she lived away from home in another country, Jamie had the relational capacity to focus more on networking through client dinners, team-building events, and other cultural activities. She emphasized how working in an unfamiliar territory was a main driver for self-improvement.

    Even today, as a Senior Associate, Jamie seeks out new and unfamiliar opportunities because she knows they will help her grow professionally. From global programs to meaningful networking experiences, it is evident how these initiatives help to build a sense of connection to the firm.

    Jamie’s experience goes to show how involvement with the global initiatives at KPMG, especially early in your development, will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on your career and professional journey.

    After chatting with both entry-level and experienced employees who have participated in global initiatives with KPMG, it is clear the programs impact career development and the path that individuals take.

    Whether they help you learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, solve unique problems, or foster ambition and a desire to succeed, the global experiences at KPMG help early-career candidates launch and grow their careers.

    For more information about international opportunities at KPMG for both interns and full-time employees, head over to their WayUp profile or

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    5 Things to Avoid in Your First Job or Internship

    While there is a lot of excitement that comes with your first job or internship, there can also be a level of uncertainty that can make you nervous about the upcoming milestone. Given that these are first-time experiences for a lot of people, it is natural not to know exactly what to do and what not to do in these new professional settings.

    At WayUp, we help thousands of young professionals land their first job so we are no strangers to the missteps and errors made during these early days. To help make sure you don’t make the same mistakes some of us did, we interviewed a few WayUp and Yello employees to highlight some things to avoid doing in your first job or internship.

    [embedded content]

    Cramming Doesn’t Cut It

    Something many of you will learn going into your first job or internship is that the habits that worked in college don’t always work in the professional world. One particular habit that doesn’t cut it anymore, is cramming. 

    While a college course often only lasts for a couple of months, a job will hopefully go on for much longer than that. This being the case, it becomes even more important to take the necessary time needed to complete your work. If not, you might end up in a nightmare situation like Jimmy did. 

    One way to avoid this is by setting completion goals for yourself. Instead of having one deadline, have multiple, with each one coordinating to a certain percentage of your upcoming task.

    Don’t Take on Too Much Work

    Another important thing to keep in mind is not to take on too much work. Although you may be eager to show your new employer how much you’re capable of doing, keep in mind that your responsibilities may take some time to get comfortable with.

    While it can sometimes be advantageous to overachieve in your work, it is wise not to aim too high when you’re just starting a new job. In the aforementioned situation, Carter tried to take on too much and his work ended up suffering for it in the form of sore arms, likely impacting future shifts, and a messy uniform which most likely made him seem unprofessional. 

    Instead of biting off more than you can chew, start observing what other people are doing and maybe take the time to ask some more senior members how they manage time. This way, you can start grasping and comprehending what it takes to get more done in your position.

    Stay In Your Lane

    This next hazard to avoid is very specific and has to do with the interview process. Applications and interviews can be incredibly stressful with lots of anticipation. However, you never want that stress and anxiety to lead what this person did

    In this situation, this individual likely came off as both uninformed and probably a little bothersome. Not only did they make themselves look bad, but unfortunately, they also brought Luis down with them! 

    As Luis mentioned, the best way to find updates about your application is to go through your HR recruiter or the hiring manager for the role. Check out this blog to find more great ways to follow up after an interview!

    Don’t Ignore Your Sleep

    When you’re starting your first internship or job, you’re likely going to have to get used to a new schedule. This means that you’re going to have to start valuing your sleep a lot more and getting a more refined schedule. If not, you might end up falling asleep in a meeting like Jess did during her first big internship in NYC.


    This incident is nothing short of a horror story and clearly has remained a lesson with Jess throughout her professional life. At times, it can be very hard to stick to a tight sleeping schedule, especially if you have other things going on in your life like school or family obligations. 

    Our recommendation to you is to rid yourself of the unnecessary things that consume your time. That means no more back-to-back Netflix episodes, no post-dinner espressos, and definitely no scrolling endlessly on social media when you’re in bed!

    Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

    Our last piece of advice when it comes to things to avoid in your first job or internship is something that you should keep in mind throughout the entirety of your professional career and not just when you’re first starting out. While some situations vary, asking questions will always be beneficial – especially when you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with a new role.

    The intern in this situation was likely feeling pressure not to come off as needy or uninformed. Instead of clarifying what she was supposed to do and the deliverable that was required, she went ahead with what she thought was expected and ended up making more work for herself in the end. 

    As you make your way through your first professional experience, there very well might be mistakes you make that are specific and unique. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to let yourself get discouraged by those shortcomings and instead make it a learning experience that you improve from.

    For more career insights and professional development tips, make sure you keep up with the WayUp blog! More

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    How to Secure a Citi Internship in 2023

    As job seekers ourselves at one point, we always wondered what it would be like to get a behind-the-scenes look at a company’s job application and interview process. To know what recruiters are looking for, what the do’s and don’ts are, and exactly what it takes to get noticed by a specific company.

    Forget about one-size fits all resume guides and interview tips. Anyone who has spent a month in the job market knows very well how much application processes differ from company to company.

    One application and interview process that is particularly unique? Citi’s incredibly lucrative Banking Internship; a program that earned a spot on WayUp’s Top 100 Internships 2022.

    Recently, we got the chance to chat with a couple of individuals who participated in Citi’s nationally recognized Summer Analyst program. In our conversations, three Summer Analysts from Citi reveal what they did to secure their positions at Citi and set up such bright futures for themselves.

    Fine-Tune the Resume

    Before you land a Summer Analyst role with Citi, you’ve got to secure the interview, but before that, you’ve got to make sure that resume shines. So, the first thing you should always do, before anything else in the application process, is make sure your resume is in tip-top shape.

    If your resume isn’t up to date or looks messy, recruiters are going to have a hard time giving your application the stamp of approval. Take what a former Citi Summer Analyst did before submitting their application.

    “My initial belief going into the resume process was that I would not include school projects or projects that I thought were small. But what I learned was the exact opposite. You should always consider small projects because recruiters might notice certain skills you utilized during those projects that you didn’t list on your resume.”
    Citi Technology Summer Analyst

    To take their suggestions one step further, we suggest you prepare yourself by breaking down each experience on your resume by what skills were used. Ask yourself – are these skills relative to the job I’m applying for? Are they valued skills? Do these experiences and the skills that come with them deserve space on my resume?

    Tap Your Network

    As the ways to network diversify, so do the opportunities for early-career professionals to make connections that can propel their careers forward. 

    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WayUp, no matter how you choose to network, the two things you need to keep in mind are authenticity and speed. Although they might not have said it outright, everyone we spoke to in our interviews emphasized how when they pursued a new contact, they would never ask for something in return. They simply would introduce themselves and stay consistent with conversation over time.

    When you begin a conversation with a request – advice, more contacts, a job – you immediately displace yourself and often end up making the ensuing dialogue transactional and inauthentic.

    In any case, you should offer your new contact something, but coming in on neutral grounds will always be the best way to start a conversation.

    Once you’re confident you can keep things authentic, then you need to get up and start reaching out as much as possible. This speed factor is something a lot of professionals don’t always consider, but when a former Citi Summer Analyst explained it, things began to make perfect sense.

    If you can reach out to people starting early, that’s amazing, especially in the financial realm. Professionals in finance like to get their talent off early, and that doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking later on, but the earlier that you start, the faster you will join the industry.
    Citi Personal Banking Summer Analyst

    Hunt for On-Campus Opportunities

    One very common mistake that college students make is not using all of the resources available to them on campus. Those that do seek out those resources, especially the resources provided by the career services department, oftentimes find themselves on a direct track to flourishing employment opportunities.

    This is particularly true when it comes to Citi as their presence on campus is massive. One of the main ways Citi stays active at colleges across the country is through its Early ID program. 

    After hearing about this on-campus mentorship program through a couple of alumni from her school, one former Citi Summer Analyst decided to apply for the program with the intention of learning new skills and growing herself professionally. She didn’t know if she would get a job from it, but she took the chance, put in the work, and is now a contributing member of Citi’s personal banking department.

    In another instance, a former Summer Analyst with Citi and current Campus Ambassador used her campus event posting board to start making contacts and learning about new opportunities.

    I used a campus job board where you can go on and see different events happening on your campus and different companies coming. I decided I’ll go to as many events as I can, as many as my schedule allows, and Citi was one of them. I went to one of their fireside chats Freshman fall where I met a university recruiter who would later offer me a job.
    Citi Wealth Management Summer Analyst, Current Campus Ambassador

    Almost every college with a career services department has resources like what one former Summer Analyst describes. If you can’t find it immediately, just contact someone from the career center!

    How to Prepare for the Interview

    If you’re able to make that resume sparkle, put on your networking cap, and use as many resources as you have access to, there is a very good chance that you make it to the interview process. This is perhaps one of the most critical steps of the process, especially when it comes to Citi’s Summer Analyst program.

    Although it is subject to change, our understanding of the Citi Summer Analyst program interview is that it has two parts – a behavioral and a technical component. This means you should be able to answer questions regarding both comprehension and knowledge while also being able to deliver on reactive and situational assessments. 

    There really is no way to know for sure what your recruiter or interviewer is going to ask, so the best way to prepare is by educating yourself and rehearsing as much as possible!

    I did mock interviews with some family members to build up my behavioral interview skills. I also watched a ton of YouTube videos about what to talk about and what points to hit whenever you’re being interviewed.
    Citi Technology Summer Analyst

    He knew that he would have to react on his toes and do so with ease and fluidity, so he made sure to practice his presentation and speech-making skills. He also knew that he would be assessed on his knowledge of the industry and space he was applying to. He didn’t know what exactly, so he cast a wide net and tried to gather as much information as he could. 

    These are by far the best ways to prepare yourself for an interview for Citi’s Summer Analyst program.

    Proceed With an Open Mind

    One thing that remains consistent between the three former Summer Analysts we interviewed is the way they approached the Summer Analyst application process at Citi. Each one of them went about it with an open mind and zero preconceptions of what the process might look like and how it might benefit them.

    One former Summer Analyst joined Citi to gain experience, learn new skills, and grow herself professionally. There was no need to assume she would pursue a career with Citi. 

    When you pursue a job just because you want a job, passion tends to dwindle. But when you pursue a job with the intention of learning and growing yourself, you can get more out of it. The former Summer Analyst we are referring to ended up being one of the few Summer Analysts to be extended an offer for a two-year rotational program that she is now embarking on.

    As for one former Citi Summer Analyst, he retained an open mind when it came to interviewing at Citi. He didn’t assume it was going to go one way or another, he didn’t practice a pre-arranged plot structure, he just remained authentic and armed himself with as much information as possible. In this case, his broad scope paid off.

    Below is a perfect example of how an open mind can lead you to incredible success.

    When I came to Georgetown my freshman year, I wasn’t sure which career path I wanted to take. A Citi recruiter told me to apply to their sophomore leadership program, which I hadn’t heard of until she told me about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in finance, but I was like, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to apply and just see where this takes me. Maybe I’ll like it. So, I did and then ended up choosing to Summer Analyst within the Wealth Management sector!
    Citi Wealth Management Summer Analyst, Current Campus Ambassador

    Apply What You Know!

    These are the tricks of the trade, the gate code at the secret entrance, and the tried & true methods to secure a position with Citi for their 2024 Summer Analysts.

    We’ve given you the road map, all you need to do now is follow the course to land an Summer Analyst role that might just change the trajectory of your entire career. More

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    Why Are Undergraduates So Excited About Oxford’s Summer Internship?

    When you’re contemplating what kind of internship is best for you, there are a lot of questions you might ask yourself. Is this going to look good on my resume? Will I partake in meaningful work? Will it be enjoyable?

    Your time is precious. Especially those summers during college when you’re setting yourself up for future success. This being the case, it’s natural to have questions like these and wonder if a company is truly able to give you what you want out of an internship.

    Recently, we dove deep for answers. In our conversations with a few current interns at Oxford, one of the leading staffing and consulting companies across North America and Europe, we learned why they chose to work at Oxford and how the company has supported their careers.

    What we learned is that meaningful work, mentoring, the encouragement of future growth, and Oxford’s work-hard-play-hard attitude are all factors that contribute to the appeal of Oxford and its internship program.

    Doing Real Work With Substance

    Lyla Krol, a current intern with Oxford and student at the University of South Carolina, originally thought “interns would do mundane tasks, like printing stuff and going to get copies.” However, this preconception was quickly flipped on its head when Lyla found herself doing work that directly contributed to Oxford’s bottom line like assessing job openings and resumes in order to find matches or assisting account managers in securing sales.

    For Chloee Swartz, who is also a current intern with Oxford and an undergraduate student, working with coworkers, consultants, and cold call recipients who she had never met before helped her grow her skills as a communicator which will benefit her in any and all future opportunities she might embark on.

    While there are plenty of work-related interactions between interns and employees, there were also training and advisory interactions in which interns got the chance to shadow full-time employees to learn a little more about what their jobs are like.

    Shadowing & Mentorship

    The opportunity to follow an experienced professional along in their daily role to find out how to perform a role right and wrong is an invaluable experience. So the fact that Oxford allowed their interns to shadow full-time employees meant a lot.

    For Evan Johnson, a current sales and recruiting intern at Oxford and student at the University of Wisconsin, shadowing full-time employees gave him a better scope of what the company was all about and how all the departments worked together.

    When we spoke with Chloee about what shadowing was like, she explained how they would listen in on recruiting phone calls, and afterward, the recruiter would walk her through the call and how it went, if it was good or bad, and what they could have done better.

    Being able to see what these recruiters’ jobs were like firsthand gave Chloee knowledge that she uses today in her current role. In fact, the knowledge she gained may have even contributed to her receiving the role she is in now.

    Setting You Up For Future Growth

    You may have noticed that Chloee, Evan, and Lyla are all still current interns with Oxford. That’s because they were all given job extensions following their summer internship, an offering that is reserved for the most exceptional candidates but also given out to several of those who participate in the internship.

    Currently, all three of them are working from campus, earning money, and working flexible hours while gaining real experience that they can take with them into their future careers.

    What’s unique about Oxford is that they want you to succeed no matter what, whether that’s with them or somewhere else. When we were chatting with Evan, he mentioned that some employees he interacted with said they would connect him with people in other industries or write a reference letter if he needed it for another job. While it sounds unusual for someone within a company to offer help getting a different job, this just goes to show that Oxford employees truly look out for the interests of one another.

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Yes, internships and jobs are meant to be something you put a lot of effort and hard work into, but they should also be enjoyable experiences. At least that’s what Oxford thinks.

    In our conversation with Lyla Krol, she spoke about how the community aspect and social integration at Oxford’s Beverly, Massachusetts office made her experience that much better.

    For Evan, those lunches were valuable to him because he got to interact with people he normally wouldn’t be able to interact with. Evan stated that “a lot of the time you wouldn’t really talk to anybody else on other teams because you’re focused on your task at hand. But with those lunch opportunities, we got to network with more of the office which was really beneficial for me.”

    It’s clear that Oxford creates an environment where people can grow not just as professionals, but as people too. They are a company that understands if the place you work is fun and enjoyable, then employees will show up and reciprocate that positivity in their work and daily interactions.

    If this is a company that you could see yourself working for, one that grows and supports your success every step of the way, then check out some of Oxford’s open roles. More

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    Space, Missiles, and Fighter Jets – The Compelling Work of Travion Crutcher, America’s Top Intern of 2022

    Growing up in the shadow of the Boeing JetPlex in Huntsville, Alabama, Travion Crutcher often found himself with his eyes on the sky, contemplating ideas about air travel, or fixed upon the latest toy that he was deconstructing and putting back together. 

    Travion always knew that he loved to build things, but it wasn’t until his mother sent him to space camp that he realized his passion could be turned into a pursuit. A pursuit that would involve him finding the answers to the questions he often asked himself regarding the way things worked in the world.

    This passion-turned-pursuit would eventually manifest itself into a role at Boeing, the same company he grew up a few miles away from, working on everything from fighter jets to missile defense systems at one of the most cutting-edge aerospace companies in the world. 

    As WayUp’s Top Intern of 2022, Travion Crutcher exemplified everything companies look for in an ideal candidate. He applies his passions, he is brave in his decision-making, he tempers wisdom with curiosity, and he exudes confidence with everything he does. 

    Recently, we got the chance to speak with Travion regarding his rocket-sized dreams and how they came to fruition during his tenure with Boeing. In our conversation, Travion reveals what it takes to be recognized by your employers and peers on a national level and sheds some insight on the exciting work he took part in the past two summers.

    Setting His Sights for the Stars

    In addition to the support of his mother, the factors that Travion felt amplified his potential the most are his early involvement in leadership and education-based programs, his organization and execution skills, and his unquenchable curiosity for the unknown.

    Travion’s responses to my questions would increasingly shed light on the confidence he had. When I asked him if he had always been this way, he answered in the affirmative and went on to highlight the leadership positions he held from a young age.

    Holding down a leadership role in his community as well as immersing himself in the world of engineering, Travion maintained a busy schedule even from a young age. I inquired about how he kept himself on track and he pointed toward his organizational skills.

    Although he may not be the first person to use this method, Travion would employ the “aim and shoot” method in which every day started with a list of goals on a whiteboard that would get checked off as tasks get done.

    In addition to his commitment to developing everything he learned during his immersions as a young man, Travion’s undying curiosity can also be attributed to propelling him towards success at Boeing and WayUp’s National Intern Competition.

    “I was always curious how planes fly or how these big rockets get all the way to space. That’s what pushed me to pursue aerospace and aerospace-related subjects. Growing up my mom got me involved in a lot of stem-related things. I even got involved in a week-long NASA experiment camp where I met people all across the world.”Travion Crutcher, WayUp Top Intern of 2022

    Eventually, when the chance came, Travion knew he had to take his passion and everything he learned to the next level. So he set his sights on the company he grew up knowing so well for their accolades in engineering – Boeing.

    Do I Need Clearance For That?

    As an intern in both 2021 and 2022, Travion Crutcher’s work with Boeing spanned from fighter jets to missile technology. Although he wasn’t able to tell me much about the work he took part in this past summer, as it relates to top secret advancements in military technology, that only made what he did or didn’t do seem that much cooler. 

    What Travion could share with me, however, is how working across different sectors provided him with an advanced understanding of engineering concepts and a deeper appreciation of the things he was developing.

    At times, it was hard to believe that I was talking to an intern as the experiences that Travion described to me were in no way minimal. But that is the beauty of companies like Boeing – they empower employees at every level to succeed and achieve greatness in whatever realm makes them most passionate. It was clear that Travion felt this way as he would remark on his appreciation of the company that got him to where he is very often.

    Earning a well-deserved vacation, Travion will be spending part of his prize money on an ATV excursion out in Houston where he will be celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend. If you take anything from Travion Crutcher’s story, know that passion will always fuel your efforts. So if you love something enough, pursue it, and maybe you too can ride off into the Texas sunset with a bag in your hand.

    Stay tuned for 2023 as our competition unfolds again and a new queen or king is crowned! More

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    How to Turn Your Summer Internship Into a Full-Time Job

    So you landed a summer internship – congratulations! Now that you’ve made the obligatory Facebook/LinkedIn post and changed that status to employed, you may be thinking about what you can do to make a lasting impression at one of your first big jobs. 

    And no, it doesn’t have to do with what you’re going to wear on your first day of work. At least not entirely…

    As a job marketplace, we at WayUp have seen internships of all shapes and sizes. And after witnessing so many talented minds crush their summer internships and secure full-time jobs, we have identified five key factors that contributed to their success.

    1. Engage, But Don’t Overwhelm

    One very common mindset you might have going into your summer internship, especially if it’s one of your first professional experiences, is to engage and chat with as many people as possible. And while this is true, to a certain extent, you have to do so mindfully

    If you are preparing to introduce yourself to someone or speak up, make sure you’re not doing so on impulse. Think it through and ask yourself if it’s really worth saying. Upper management doesn’t want someone around who is constantly asking questions or always contributing their two cents. So make sure what you’re saying really carries weight.

    Think – does what you have to say contribute to the task at hand? Are you presenting a new angle or perspective? At the end of the day, people will judge you more on the quality of your thoughts rather than the quantity.

    2. Dress to Impress

    This next suggestion is really obvious when it comes to summer internships yet gets overlooked in so many ways. Depending on the company you’re interning for, what you are expected to wear will vary. So when you’re starting out don’t be afraid to ask your hiring manager what they expect you to wear and take note of what fellow colleagues are wearing to guide your wardrobe choices.

    Another important rule to remember is not to let your wardrobe slack just because you’re remote or virtually employed. It is easy (and really nice) to go throughout the day wearing PJs but putting that extra effort into your attire, even in less than formal video conferences, will make a lasting impression on the people you work with during your summer internship.

    Alongside a proper wardrobe, you should also strive to maintain proper hygiene. And it’s just the simple things! Brush your teeth, take a shower, and wear deodorant. No one wants to work with someone who smells bad. Plus, it might make it hard to get invited to the company happy hour.

    3. Observe Like a Hawk

    During your summer internship, you will be learning an incredible amount of information in an incredibly short amount of time. This being the case, you have to observe and digest every single piece of information and stimuli you see. 

    Is there a certain way your manager likes to receive deliverables? Make that your bible. Notice a certain employee receiving a lot of praise? Study what they’re doing and replicate it. Did you overhear the CEO’s assistant saying they only drink one type of super rare coffee from Peru? Go find some and secure your future job!

    The faster you are able to pick up on things in your summer internship and adapt to your new working environment the more you will show your employer that you deserve a permanent position. 

    4. Volunteer for Everything

    It doesn’t matter if it’s to pick up lunch, lead a new project, or squash a bug, if you volunteer for everything you not only become someone people can rely on but someone with experience as well, bug-related or otherwise.

    Every time you take up a new task you get the chance to show someone that you can do something right. Naturally, responsibilities will grow and tasks will get more important as long as you’re doing them well. Eventually, those tasks could become recurring and make your importance at the company increase.

    5. Send Authentic Follow-Ups

    Depending on the size of your internship class, your manager and the active employees at the company you worked with are bound to get tons of follow-ups from former interns who want a job. So you’re going to have to make sure what you say really resonates with who you’re saying it to. 

    Maybe you have a certain memory of them you wanted to recount. Or something they taught you that you wanted to thank them for. Or maybe you just wanted to ask them for more advice. Whatever you’re doing, make sure it doesn’t sound like a copy and paste message.

    It can be strategic to think of this while participating in your summer internship as it can lead to a more genuine and organic follow-up later on. So make sure you’re taking the time to form meaningful connections with the people around you.

    Rinse & Repeat

    Before you get that corner office, you need to get a full-time job, and before you get that full-time job, you’re going to need to make a lasting impression during your summer internship. So if you want to make sure you make it through try-outs, keep this list handy and read it before your first night of work.

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    5 (Non-Technical) Roles You Thought You Wouldn’t Find In T-Mobile’s Internship Program

    When you think of working at T-Mobile, technology is probably the first thing on your mind. You might picture rows of bespectacled programmers and engineers with sketches and pencils behind their ears. And that makes sense, too: They’re a wireless company leading the charge on 5G technology with one of the coolest summer tech internship programs around.
    But there’s way more than just technology at a company like T-Mobile—and that goes for internships, too.
    To learn more about some of the coolest non-technology roles at T-Mobile, we spoke to two recruiters for their internship program: Sean and Corey. Here are five great internships they told us about that could be your next summer gig.
    1. Strategy Internship
    “The Strategy Group are our internal consultants,” Sean says.
    This means, like people at major consulting firms, they work on innovative, high-level solutions to different business issues at T-Mobile. While that’s a broad description, so is the stuff they come up with. They could propose a new product offering, an investment in a bleeding-edge technology, or even a new methodology for an existing process that benefits the company and the customers.
    But that’s not the reason they’re one of Sean’s favorite roles to recruit for.
    “They work on cool, top-secret projects,” Sean says. “One example that’s now public: T-Mobile Money. It’s essentially a banking solution for T-Mobile customers.”
    Perfect For You If: You have experience in consulting, either at a big firm or a brand like T-Mobile.
    2. Events Internship
    “The events team does a little bit of everything,” Corey, who recruits events interns, explains. “Everything from our sponsorships and partnerships, like with major league baseball or our Pride events. We have a huge sponsorship partnership with Lollapalooza.”
    Events interns might put together a reception for T-Mobile investors at a baseball game in Seattle. They might also attend Lollapalooza and run a T-Mobile tent with swag, music, raffles, and more. It’s a hands-on role that deals with behind-the-scenes marketing aspects as well as logistics and execution for live, in-person events.
    “It’s more than a typical marketing role,” Corey says. “Although we have tons of marketing opportunities, this one is perfect for people with a specific interest in event planning as well.”
    Perfect For You If: You want to gain or have experience in event planning, brand repping, or other forms of in-person marketing.
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility Internship
    “Corporate Social Responsibility is a department dedicated to giving back and making a positive change in the world,” Corey says.
    The CSR intern takes on responsibilities that range from human resources—like creating a place in the employee benefits portal to make donations—to partnership management—like setting up volunteer days with charitable organizations. It’s a wide-ranging corporate office role that ultimately contributes to one incredible mission: Giving back to the communities that make T-Mobile what it is.
    Perfect For You If: You have experience in non-profit work, fundraising, or want to start a business career with a high social impact.
    4. Emerging Products Internship
    “The Emerging Products group also works on hush-hush projects,” Sean says. “But their main goal is to pave the way for T-Mobile products that will help shape the future.”
    This role is a combination of business development, technology, and partnership management. But what’s really exciting about it is that they’re building the future, not just for T-Mobile but for the millions of people who will use these products and services. Despite the clandestine nature of the work, Sean was able to tell us one category of product they’re working on: T-Mobile Home, the company’s answer to home internet and entertainment services.
    “They just launched a pilot out in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” he says. ”I’m proud because I know some of our interns worked on this project. And now people are using it for their home internet service.”
    Perfect For You If: You want to work on a cross-functional tech/business team on cutting-edge technology projects (aka building the future).
    5. Corporate Real Estate
    “You’d probably never look at T-Mobile and think you could get into real estate there,” Corey says. “But you really can.”
    As a massive company with thousands of employees, T-Mobile obviously has a growing need for office space. But even more important is the real estate required to build the 5G infrastructure of the future. (Read more about the field engineers working on this here.) This team works on the acquisition, planning, and development of these essential real estate projects for T-Mobile.
    “They’ll do everything from plotting our cell towers to picking and designing the next office,” she says. “And there are huge opportunities because of our merger with Sprint.”
    Perfect For You If: You’re studying real estate, development, or want to focus on a more operational business area.
    These Roles Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg—Your Dream Internship Awaits You At T-Mobile
    No matter what your educational background or professional ambitions are, there’s a place for you at T-Mobile. That goes for your personality, too. The company’s #BleedMagenta culture  means they’re looking for people who—above all else—are passionate about changing wireless to make it better for the people using it.
    Think you’d look majestic in magenta? Check out open roles at T-Mobile on WayUp! More