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    The Hiring Toolkit: How to Use Technology to Drive DEI in Each Stage of Recruiting

    Hidden biases are everywhere—the hiring world being no exception.  As humans, we’re not always capable of recognizing our prejudices in the moment. Fortunately, modern technology is here to fill in that gap: empowering teams to build more equitable talent pipelines and pave pathways for previously overlooked talent.  At Hired, we envision a world where all […] More

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    Beating pedigree bias: why tech teams should hire for skills, not labels

    Pedigree bias has long plagued the recruiting landscape.
    All too often, hiring teams seek sameness: targeting candidates with Ivy League degrees and Fortune 500 work experience. In doing so, they perpetuate stereotypes and overlook talent that has taken the path less traveled.
    Not only does this process punish job-seekers who don’t fit a predetermined mold—it also blocks them from an industry they are eager to enter. That needs to change.
    In recent years, leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Netflix, and Tesla have taken bold actions to reduce pedigree bias in recruiting practices. Now, it’s time we all joined the movement.
    In this ebook, we’ll break down pedigree bias page by page: covering what it is, where it lurks, who it hurts, and—most importantly—how recruiters can combat it head-on.
    Ready to retire biases and hire for what matters most?
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    7 Ways to Source and Attract Diverse Tech Talent

    While improving corporate diversity and inclusion has been an important topic for some time, widespread social injustice and civil unrest, coupled with the impact of the global pandemic, emphasized the importance of DEI. The headlines were seared into our collective consciousness.
    But just talking about diversity and inclusion won’t move the needle. Progress requires action. And the time for action is now. Particularly for the tech sector, one that, by most reports, has made few gains. We’re here to shine a light on the path forward, exploring actionable ways that you can source and attract tech talent.
    Ready to lead the change?
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