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    How An Assistant Vice President Launched His Career with WayUp

    There is no one set path to your dream job. As you move through life, college, and your early professional career, new avenues will appear and opportunities will begin to show themselves.

    While there are several places to look for these new avenues and opportunities, one place that a lot of early career candidates are using to find jobs is WayUp. One individual who used WayUp to find his dream job is Louis Smith, an assistant vice president at multinational universal bank, Barclays.

    Recently, we got the chance to chat with Louis to hear all about how he went from intern, to analyst, to assistant vice president in just three years. In our conversation, Louis mentioned some career tips and insights into the job-hunting process, what his internship was like, and why he loves working at Barclays so much.

    The Job Search

    In late 2018, Louis knew he wanted to explore finance, work in New York, and thought that it would be cool to work at a bank. He knew what he wanted, but he didn’t necessarily know where to find it. What he ended up doing, and now recommends to current job seekers, is find out everything he wanted out of a job – industry, location, position, etc. – and narrow down the search as much as possible.

    Luckily, WayUp provided him with the perfect place to do that.

    As a lot of college students, early career professionals, and job seekers will find, it can be hard to figure out what kind of job you want. What made things easier for Louis was scanning the market with WayUp, finding out what he did and didn’t like from job applications and filters, and shooting his shot from there. Eventually, he came across Barclays and their summer analyst internship.

    An Internship of a Lifetime

    While Louis had past job experience, his summer banking internship at Barclays in 2019 was his first major job in an office setting. Besides the fact that he was working in Manhattan, just a few blocks away from Time Square, and doing what he had always wanted to do, Louis didn’t really know what to expect during his summer at Barclays.

    As it turned out, Barclays’ summer analyst internship was the perfect combination of exploration and support. Louis was able to explore new territory, learn new concepts, and make significant contributions to the business all at the same time. 

    Whether it was financial analysis and modeling or valuation and client due diligence, Louis’ time during Barclays’ summer internship program exposed him to the world of corporate banking and all the opportunities that existed within it. Something that made his time at Barclays even better, however, is the culture, environment, and people at Barclays.

    What Makes Barclays Different

    The finance and banking industry is massive. That means that there is no shortage of places to work and grow your career. However, each of these institutions has something that sets them apart. For Barclays, it’s the culture and people that make their company stand out so much.

    For Louis, going to work meant he would be surrounded by people who don’t just care about performing their jobs, but uplifting and helping one another grow as well. In turn, this helped him appreciate his own role at the company and stay motivated to contribute to the company’s goals as well as his own.

    A Community Perspective

    While this people-forward mindset is certainly prioritized at Barclays, it goes a step further with employee resource groups. These employee-led organizations, whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve, have proved to have enormous benefits for employees.

    As is the case with the employee resource groups at Barclays, Louis has certainly gained a lot with his involvement in the Black Professionals ERG. Specifically, as it pertains to his interactions with people he didn’t normally get to interact with.

    Additionally, Louis’ involvement in the Black Professionals Group has also allowed him to take on new roles and responsibilities. From leading panels and hosting discussions, Louis has been able to grow his skills in massive ways all while demonstrating his capabilities and competence in front of senior stakeholders. Once an intern but now an assistant vice president, Louis attributes part of his success to experiences like this.

    What Will Your Path Be?

    Although Louis Smith’s path to success was ideal, there are several different routes young professionals can take to achieve their goals. What every ambitious individual should take from his story is to make the most of the opportunities available to you.

    If you’re looking for new opportunities that could very well be the jumping-off point for a lucrative career, create your WayUp profile today and check out some of Barclays’ open roles. More

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    What Makes Lockton Such an Uncommon Insurance Agency?

    When you think of insurance, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s broken windows and flooded basements. Or maybe you think of Jake from State Farm and their auto and car offerings. But what a lot of people don’t think of when it comes to insurance are all the unique businesses that require coverage and the exciting ways in which brokers and agents can offer it.

    Lockton Insurance, the world’s largest privately held brokerage firm, is constantly redefining the role that insurance companies play in the world of business. Simultaneously, they are also turning preconceptions regarding insurance companies on their head.

    Recently, we spoke with two executives at Lockton about what makes their firm such a unicorn in the industry. What we learned was that their approach to insurance, their clientele, the impact they have on businesses, and the opportunities they provide for employees are all factors that set them apart from every other insurance company in the game.

    Approach – Consulting Not Selling

    One of the most unique characteristics of Lockton is its approach to selling insurance. First of all, they don’t sell insurance. Rather, Lockton is filled with brokers and agents who act as consultants that play an active role in the facilitation of a business. This differs from what people normally consider brokers and agents – salesmen who are simply selling a product.

    The takeaway here is that working at Lockton as a broker isn’t a sales role and it’s nowhere near a typical insurance agent position. At Lockton, the consultant approach is what makes the job exciting and keeps it fresh.

    This consultant-forward and creative-minded approach is why Lockton stands out in the insurance industry and makes it such a popular place to work.

    Clients from Every Industry

    From cannabis farms to deep-sea drilling operations, the clients that Lockton works with aren’t who you’d expect. The diversity and range of the companies that Lockton works with are part of the reason why working at the one-of-a-kind firm is so enjoyable.

    As mentioned previously, Lockton’s consulting-led approach really allows them to be embedded within a company and understand the nuances of its particular business operations. 

    During Josh Luther’s time at Lockton, he worked with a chocolate candy manufacturer and got to see how chocolate-covered almonds are made. He worked with a bakery and got to see all the different bread being made. Josh even had a client that was a packaging company that did the Capri Sun juice boxes all the way to garbage bags and medical supplies. He exclaimed how fascinating it was to watch something start from raw material and get built into a final product that people everywhere will use. 

    At Lockton, you’re not just working in the insurance industry. You’re working in all the different industries that your clients are a part of.

    Real-life Insurance Impacts

    While it can be exciting to work with unique companies and be immersed in their operations, what really lights the fire of Lockton employees is making an actual impact on a business. Not only does it mean you’re doing your job right, but it’s incredibly gratifying and provides a massive feeling of self-worth.

    When we asked Lauren Carson about what her favorite project was during her 14 years at Lockton she spoke about a time when she saved a company $1,000,000. After offering the company a full evaluation of their program, engaging in a deep conversation about their business, and understanding where they wanted to take things, Lauren and her team came back with a bunch of creative ideas that projected to save the company a massive amount of money.

    On the flip side of that, not providing a company with the right support as an insurance firm can spell disaster for businesses. Josh Luther mentioned that without the services Lockton provides, “businesses could slow down, it could mean a company doesn’t earn revenue. It means a construction team couldn’t get on site do their work and they might shut the job down or slow it down,” for example.

    The bottom line is that brokers at Lockton play a larger role in the success or failure of a business than you think, something that makes the job particularly rewarding.

    A Wealth of Opportunities

    In addition to Lockton’s approach, clientele, and impact, we felt that one of the most important features of their firm, especially as it pertains to students and young professionals looking for a job in insurance, is the opportunities they bestow on their employees.

    When we were speaking with Josh Luther he celebrated the fact that the firm grows by double digits every year and how that creates opportunities for their people – both vertically and horizontally.  

    Josh explained that if you can become a subject matter expert in a particular field, your opportunities to explore other areas within the firm open up. Not only that, Josh mentioned that they even provide employees with training and education to help them make that move.

    Whether it’s the skills you learn or the experiences you have, Lockton has incredible opportunities that are just waiting for you to explore. So if you’re looking to join a revolutionary organization that is changing the way the world sees insurance and the manner in which businesses use it, take a look at some of Lockton’s open roles. More

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    How ARISE Is Making Life Better For African American Employees at TCS

    When you join a community, you want to know that you’re going to be getting more than a koozie and a drawstring bag out of it. Depending on who you are, you might join a community to make new friends, learn a new skill, discuss a certain topic, or support a certain cause. But when you join the ARISE community at TaTa Consultancy Services, you can expect to do all of the above.

    The ARISE community at TaTa Consultancy Services (TCS) is an African American employee resource group whose members work, socialize, interact, and grow with one another on a variety of levels. In order to get a better look at ARISE and all the benefits associated with being a member, we interviewed a few members of the group and even hosted a virtual event alongside members where prospects were invited to learn more about the community.

    After the virtual event and all the interviews were conducted, one thing that was emphasized repeatedly within the community was the sense of family that ARISE members felt. Interestingly enough, we found that this sense of family led to all sorts of other benefits for members such as an easier onboarding process for new hires, a stronger sense of community and belonging, and a flourishing system of resources for members to grow themselves with.

    An Easier, Warmer Welcome

    Joining a new company is never easy, especially if it’s your first job out of college. Throw in being a minority and your path gets even more complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a group of people who have similar backgrounds as you that you could rely on and ask questions? People who may have gone through similar hurdles and experiences as you?

    Well, that’s exactly what ARISE provides, and exactly why TCS introduces it to new hires early on.

    Although TCS makes sure every single new hire has the right resources necessary for an easy and seamless onboarding process, the ARISE community offers an extra lever for those new hires to lean on. Plus, sometimes specific questions and inquiries can be better answered by the same people who may have experienced those specific scenarios themselves.

    A Stronger Sense of Belonging

    In college, we had sports clubs, greek organizations, academic groups, and a plethora of other avenues to help us feel welcome and like we belonged. In the professional world, employee resource groups have taken the role of these collegiate communities which employees can use to feel more a part of the company they work for.

    In our conversations with members of the ARISE group at TCS, every single employee reiterated one phrase over and over again – “ it’s like a family.” They spoke about how their relationships with one another felt incredibly natural and close. As if they had known one another their whole lives. 

    Here is what Adele Ruffin had to say about her expectations coming into the company and how they were pleasantly fulfilled.

    When you know you belong somewhere, like your welcome, it makes it that much easier to succeed and be your best self. But when the same group that gives you that sense of belonging also has a system of resources deliberately intended to help you grow, your ability to achieve greatness triples, if not doubles.

    Resources to Help You Grow

    Now that ARISE has helped you get onboarded to the company and allowed you to establish a sense of belonging and friendship with colleagues, it’s time for the community to assist you in growing yourself professionally.

    One of the most valuable aspects of being involved with ARISE is the access you have to other employees that you might not normally come across in your typical day-to-day at the company. These fellow members could belong to different departments who you could discuss new opportunities with or they could be superiors or executives who you get a chance to impress.

    This open-door environment is perhaps one of the biggest contributing factors to growing within a company. You can only get so much from reading a job description. When you’re actually able to meet someone who is responsible for a particular role, have lunch with them, get mentored by them, or just introduce yourself, you increase both your understanding of that role and your chances of one day fulfilling that role. 

    Regardless of what your career path is, building significant relationships in a group like ARISE will contribute to the proliferation of your professional life in one way or another.

    Outside Looking In

    As the WayUp interviewer covering the deep dive into the ARISE program, I did not come away from my interaction with the group unaffected. Having spent hours conversing with members like Jamar, Brianna, Bridget, and Joe, cracking jokes, talking about what drives them and the group, and coming to understand them not only as individuals but as a community as well, really made me see the big picture.

    In its simplest form, ARISE was created to help African Americans at TCS win. The beautiful cycle that’s occurring at ARISE starts with someone making the most of the program, using all the resources that are available to them to boost their life personally and professionally, and then paying it forward to the next new member.

    Will you be the next new member to reap the benefits of this incredible program? Browse current openings at TCS and start the cycle to greatness! More

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    Scoping Startups and Building Brands: At Insight Partners, You Can Do It All

    Although a fair amount of overlap exists between venture capital, private equity, and investment banking, all three sectors differ in significant and unique ways – some of which include the roles and responsibilities bestowed upon employees. If you were to pursue a career in investment banking, you might find yourself working on trades, mergers, and acquisitions; advising in the sale of new stocks and bonds; or connecting buyers and sellers of companies. In venture capital and private equity, you could be doing anything from identifying promising new startups to evaluating a company’s marketing strategy for post-investment growth.

    Although private equity providers, venture capital investors, and investment bankers may all be incentivized to sell stakes at one point or another, private equity and venture capital firms concentrate more on building and growing the companies they invest in. This, coupled with the fact that private equity and venture capital analysts evaluate companies on different factors than investment bankers, leads to some exciting opportunities for people who want to work in the field.

    Recently, we sat in on a virtual event with global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners to learn more about some of the open roles that the firm is currently looking to fill. The two positions we ended up identifying as the most engaging and exciting opportunities are the Investment Analyst and the Onsite Diligence and Growth Strategy (DGS) Analyst.

    Scouting for the Next Big Thing: Investment Analyst

    If you’ve ever heard of a company called Shopify, then you already know of one company that an Insight analyst identified and helped scale for success. One of the most exciting parts of being an Investment Analyst is knowing that the companies you’re sourcing and evaluating could be the next big brand or household name that’s going to shake the markets. And, you could be the one who discovers them.

    At Insight, you don’t have to be a partner or executive to get your hands in the mix. The firm is known for its world-class analyst program, which gets junior-level analysts and associates directly involved in deals with the most senior investors on the team.

    Investment Analysts Abhi Srinivas and Nisha Rangarajan attended our virtual seminar with Insight Partners and spoke about their experience on the job with passion and pride. While listening to them speak, it was evident that they love what they do and the company they work for. 

    Post-Investment Prowess – Onsite Diligence & Growth Strategy Analyst

    So Insight decided to invest in a company that an Investment Analyst sourced – what’s next? In come the Onsite DGS Analysts. Insight Onsite is the VC industry’s largest software-focused operations team, which works alongside Insight’s portfolio companies to help executives identify key opportunities for growth. While Investment Analysts are responsible for identifying and making initial contact with the target company, it’s the responsibility of the Onsite DGS Analysts to help the company scale and succeed post-investment.

    The Onsite team is what really drew Ruth Park to Insight. In the post-investment phase, Ruth may be sinking her teeth into the marketing strategy of a company or making recommendations to company leaders on how to put their newly acquired funding to the best use.

    Ruth’s point is that it doesn’t really matter where you come from – Insight is looking for minds from every walk of life and every school of thought to fill its ranks. 

    If you’re interested in being an Investment Analyst or an Onsite DGS Analyst who works with some of the most fascinating growth-stage technology, software, and Internet companies in the world, Insight Partners is for you.

    Check out Insight Partners’ WayUp profile page to learn more about the firm and apply for open roles. More