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    Ageism in the Workplace: What it Is and What to Do About It

    In recent years, organizations across all industries have made strides when it comes to building diverse and inclusive teams. In fact, companies are increasingly hiring and promoting employees from historically underrepresented groups, and they’re also extending offers to more and more women, who now make up the bulk of the U.S. workforce. But despite this […] More

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    Combating Pregnancy Discrimination in the Hiring Process

    Three-fourths of American women will carry a pregnancy at least once while employed, according to a recent study. With as many as 64% of Americans looking for or considering a new job, it’s reasonable to assume many women will go through the application and hiring process while pregnant.  One concern of expectant mothers is that […] More

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    Combating Imposter Syndrome

    Have you ever felt like you’re in way over your head in your career? Or maybe read a job description and thought, ‘there’s no way I’m qualified for that’? If so, you may be experiencing imposter syndrome.  Imposter syndrome is the appearance of anxious thoughts and feelings that lead you to believe you’re out of […] More