Veho’s Multi-Faceted and Candidate-Centric Interview Process for Better Alignment

Third in the Tech Employers Leading the Way Series

Editor’s Note: Tech Employers Leading the Way recognizes companies that innovate and work to improve the hiring experience for both their hiring managers and the tech candidates they seek. In this series, we’ll dive into what works for them and what they’ve learned. Sharing these stories and learnings supports our company vision to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent.

Hired’s List of 2023 Top Employers Winning Tech Talent highlighted companies across a variety of segments and industries creating tech hiring processes and experiences embracing principles such as equity, efficiency, and transparency. 

Among those leading the way is Veho, an organization revolutionizing package delivery and returns. Patrick Vitulli, Tech Recruiting Manager, shares how Veho created its candidate-centric interview process and uses Hired to reach top candidates. 

Our mission is to reinvent the world of delivery and returns in the e-commerce era by combining technology and logistics into a customer-centric organization. We build from the ground up to create new products and we compete against some top global companies daily.

Describe a process you’ve implemented to improve candidate experience and the hiring process

When I joined Veho, we were creating the interview process. Especially for engineers, we wanted to emulate what it would be like daily for an engineer working here. We created a three-part interview, which is back to back to back interviewing. 

First: Evaluate alignment

We dive into company culture, make sure you’re a team fit, and see how you align with the values of the organization. 

Second: Architecture interview for thought process (for engineers) 

The second part of this is an architecture interview for engineers specifically to design a system and walk us through the thought process. 

Third: Case study for practical application

The last portion is a case study, which is a realistic example of what it’s like working at Veho. Candidates get a set of broken code and have the opportunity to fix it and get it working again.

What are some of Veho’s strategies for maintaining a strong employer brand?

Two of the biggest metrics we discuss is our on-time delivery rate, which is 99.9%. To quantify that for you, it means one in every 1000 packages is delivered late. The second part of this is our customer satisfaction score which is regularly 4.9 out of 5. Both metrics are excellent and very efficient for this industry. 

As an employer brand, when we deliver on behalf of organizations such as Lululemon, Kroger, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom, we are an extension of these brands in the delivery process. This is how we’ve built our brand throughout the years.

How has collaboration between hiring managers and TA teams improved efficiency?

At Veho, our recruiters collaborate with hiring managers regularly. We do all intake calls before we post any role. We make sure candidates meet certain competencies. Every candidate goes through the same process to avoid any bias. 

We meet with our hiring managers multiple times during the week to ensure the process is going well, the candidates are a good fit, and we’re hiring the best person for each role.

Using a tool such as Hired at Veho allows us to reach out to highly qualified candidates quickly. It also helps reach out to more folks than we typically would be able to, especially those who are underrepresented. 

Veho sees a 60% interview acceptance rate and an 80% offer close rate with Hired

Our response rate [using Hired] is far higher than you would see on a typical seat for LinkedIn recruiter, which is typically 13% to 14%. We track throughout the whole process and work with our Hired account and customer success managers to make sure we’re on board with these candidates. 

For example, they’ve shared that our average time to hire using the tech recruitment platform is 29 days. That’s 18 days faster than the average for companies our size. Feedback like that helps us know we’re running an efficient hiring process and helping our hiring managers reduce the cost of vacancy (CoV). 

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