Improving TA Processes, Connecting Recruiting to Brand Experience, & More: Talk Talent to Me March ’24 Recap

March’s episodes of Talk Talent to Me feature a few episodes with a lot of insights. These leaders share ways to spearhead company growth, bridge gaps in talent acquisition, and so much more. 

1. Russell Weaver, SVP of Talent Acquisition at Paramount

Russell is a seasoned talent acquisition professional with years of experience leading recruitment teams across various industries. In this episode, he shares how the shift from linear media to digital media has transformed the industry and what recruitment can learn from outsourcing channels. 

Russell also explains how increased employee engagement results in better outcomes, why more information is better for candidates, and how Paramount plans to leverage AI to create opportunities in recruitment. 

“There is something fundamentally fractured still with [talent acquisition] processes and technology. I think we have to get back to basics  to make sure we are doing things that allow us to connect to that high-performing talent.” 

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2. Doreen Ghafari, VP of People at AllTrails

Doreen shares how she and her team spearheaded a period of significant growth for AllTrails, which resulted in more than quadrupling its staff in just over three years. She also shares the value of making recruiting efforts an extension of the brand experience, why talent acquisition is so much more than putting butts in seats, and the importance of building a solid foundation of systems and processes during periods of hyper-growth. 

Doreen also touches on the benefit of treating values as a core competency, data-driven frameworks for performance evaluation, and what a holistic approach to recruitment looks like.

“AllTrails is a beloved brand. People tend to have delightful experiences with the app and the site. We wanted our recruiting efforts to be an extension of that. We want people who come to AllTrails to interview, even if they don’t get the job, to reflect fondly on their experience.” 

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