Tech Candidate Spotlight – Decebal Dobrica, Software Architect

Why did you choose Hired for your search?

Compared to other platforms I’ve tried, Hired stands out because of the quality of employers, especially those in London.

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When searching for a new role, the ability to have a direct contact with the company looking to hire is extremely useful. It’s more efficient to be in touch with a CTO or someone with an active role, as opposed to going through an agency.

As for specific features on Hired, I love the “Profile Preferences” section. It allows me to filter out specific technologies and characteristics. I can get search results that reduce the need for further filtering after meeting the companies.

What would you tell someone who’s curious about Hired?

Hired puts you in front of the best employers in London while helping you refine the way you present yourself to them. Hired gives you tips based on employer feedback to optimize your profile. This makes your edits so much more relevant than what you might come up with yourself, and helps you stand out to companies on the platform.

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How does Hired compare to other methods you have used in your job search?

Hired was the fastest in terms of helping me connect with new employers and streamlining the recruitment process. Companies come to you, instead of the other way around, which I have experienced with many other platforms. When I get matched with an employer, I already know the company wants to have a conversation tailored to me. I don’t have to make the effort to convince them my profile is what they should search for.

What was your job search experience like before you joined Hired?

Before Hired, I was jumping between recruitment agencies to get more exposure to different types of employers. Most couldn’t even tell the difference between Java and JavaScript, as most of their own filters were backfiring!

What tips would you give to other jobseekers using the platform?

Take advantage of the tips Hired offers and remember to apply them when creating your profile. Most importantly, make sure to be available and be respectful to employers. Being responsive and active helps build employers’ impression of you when making a decision about whether to interview you.

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