Tech Candidate Spotlight: Andre Almar, Site Reliability Engineer

Why did you choose Hired for your search?

I liked the simplicity of the platform and processes in general. It’s very easy to fill in your information there. The quality of the companies searching for talent on Hired’s platform is excellent. The whole platform as a whole is great!      

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What would you tell someone who’s curious about Hired?

Try the platform and see for yourself. Personally, I believe it’s much better to have companies reaching out to you as opposed to the other way around. Finding a new job can be a pretty miserable process if you are doing it the “old way.” 

Hired is similar to other platforms I’ve tried before but the main difference is in the quality of the companies searching for talent. We get to connect with larger companies all around the world!

What was your job search experience like before you joined Hired?

It was the “same old” in the sense of me having to reach out to companies, then be vetted by each one with a different test (which is very time-consuming). Hired accelerates this process, which saves time for both sides. 

If you’re thinking about using Hired or are currently a jobseeker on the platform, my advice is to be yourself and present yourself transparently. Don’t be afraid to show what makes you the candidate you are and what you accomplished during your past experiences.

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About Site Reliability Engineering

Companies need Site Reliability Engineers when computer systems are not operating up to snuff. Those interested in this role likely know there is much more to it than just building and maintaining computer systems. These engineers are involved in all aspects of the application, software, and system development. 

Top industries hiring Site Reliability Engineers

  • eCommerce
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Platform

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