Re-engineering Your 2023 Tech Hiring Strategy (Watch VIDEO on Demand)

If you are in the market to hire qualified software engineers, you need to modify your 2023 hiring strategy. But how exactly do your recruitment and hiring strategies need to evolve? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear experts discuss key findings and data from Hired’s 2023 State of Software Engineers report. They share advice for re-engineering your strategy and getting top tech positions filled quickly with skilled, high-value talent. 

Moderated by Founder of Marketing by Maya, Maya Avitan, hear from:

  • CTO, Hired, Dave Walters
  • VP of Engineering, Greenhouse, Andy Lister
  • CEO & Co-Founder, SheTO, Nidhi Gupta

Read an excerpt of the conversation and access the full webinar video on demand. 

Maya Avitan, Founder, Marketing by Maya

Though Hired’s culture is remote-first, there are still major companies placing a heavy focus on bringing talent back into physical locations. However, based on the findings of the report there is a higher demand for remote work options from talent in all major cities including New York, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. 

There is a disconnect between organizations that are searching for location-specific top tech talent that is seeking remote-first roles.

What do you think about this disconnect and how are companies managing this demand from a hiring perspective?

Dave Walters, CTO, Hired

We are seeing a growing percentage of employers pushing for return to office, although the demand for remote engineering talent still remains very high. Remote roles command higher salaries than local roles especially in smaller markets. Enterprise companies are shifting fast in their demand for in-office employees, although a majority of the total positions do remain open to remote. 

Meanwhile, we’ve continued to see the proportion of jobseekers only seeking remote roles versus in-person or hybrid grow. This shouldn’t be surprising as this demand for remote work started well before the pandemic and the pandemic only further fueled that in recent years. As a tech leader, I know the challenge we’ve all been facing in finding top talent with the right skill sets in past years. That challenge isn’t going to go away anytime soon. 

Ultimately, despite the high-profile layoffs we’ve heard about in the news, unemployment for tech talent remains low. You have to cast a wider net in your search to be as competitive as possible and an opportune way to do that is by remaining flexible for remote talent around the country. 

The bottom line is that remote work and flexibility continue to be some of the highest priorities for jobseekers. Promoting remote policies or benefits that allow for flexibility are going to be key strategies for attracting qualified, top tech talent.

Watch the full collaborative panel discussion to discover: 

  • More on how companies are managing the demand for remote-first work 
  • Why talent leaders should take candidates from non-traditional educational backgrounds seriously
  • The most in-demand software engineering skills are and how they’ve impacted the job market

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