AI in HR, People-Centered Approaches, & More: Talk Talent to Me October ’23 Recap

What did you miss in the October episodes of Hired’s Talk Talent to Me podcast? Get insights from recruiting and talent acquisition leaders who share strategies, techniques, and trends shaping the recruitment industry. 

  1. AI and HR with Theresa Fesinstine, Founder of
  2. Long-term approaches to TA with Greg Muccio, Managing Director of TA at Southwest Airlines 
  3. A new take on company culture and employee value with Jessica Zwaan, COO at Whereby

1. Theresa Fesinstine, Founder of

Theresa shares where we are in AI development within the HR space, what tools she uses for AI learning, and how HR employees can make use of AI. This breakthrough episode simplifies the nuanced and complex issues within HR.

“To me, HR is the only team [and leader] in the organization that really understands what [every] other department functionally is working through, their challenges [and it’s] like the central post of what’s happening within a company.”

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2. Greg Muccio, Managing Director of TA at Southwest Airlines

Greg discusses his experience as a long-time Southwest Airlines employee (22+ years!) and what motivated him over the years to stay. He shares an overview of the distinct talent acquisition challenges Southwest faces and how he implements long-term tactical approaches to talent acquisition. Greg also dives into current hiring trends, appetite for open roles, and the significance of uncovering new talent the company does not already possess. 

“At Southwest, we want a representative of our brand and that culture and those kinds of things because that’s what makes people come back and fly with us again, and again, and again, it’s our people.” 

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3. Jessica Zwaan, COO at Whereby

People-centered approaches to business emphasize the importance of prioritizing and supporting the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of employees. Businesses can create a positive work environment to benefit employees and improve performance, productivity, and long-term success. 

Jessica discusses her innovative, people-centered approach to HR and business development. She unpacks how the best aspects of product management can be applied to HR to transform the value of your workforce and business. Learn how HR can increase productivity, the ins and outs of streamlining the workforce to increase its value, reducing regrettable churn through effective HR, and analogizing people with products. Jessica also offers insights into why justifying an employee based on revenue is outdated and why she views the business as an ecosystem.

“We should be building [HR performance] systems which are built for the way human brains work.” 

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