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In order to run an organization’s operations on both private and public cloud platforms, run Infrastructure as Code (IaC) defined in Git repos with emphasis on containerization and container orchestration, the Senior Systems Specialist will deliver and manage the complex hybrid cloud computing environments, which integrate public clouds with a variety of on-premise virtualization platforms. The candidate will manage the scientific application stack comprising many open-source scientific applications and support researchers during their execution. The candidate will support the operations of advanced Linux-based solutions running on virtual servers and containers and hosting critical business and research applications.

• Expert-level knowledge of Linux OS administration.
• Expert-level knowledge of Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration. Readily able to author DockerFiles, Kubernetes manifests and CI/CD pipelines.
• Expert-level knowledge of open-source applications, ability to manage build & compilation process and optimization, strong troubleshooting capability.
• Expert-level of open-source build tools such as cmake, make, gcc, SCons, Spack, Linuxbrew.
• Strong knowledge of Git and GitLab and good familiarity with GitOps principles.
• A strong advocate of Infrastructure As a Code (“IaC”) infrastructure management approach.
• Familiar with virtualization platforms such as VMware/vSphere and OpenStack.
• Familiar with public IaaS clouds such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.
• Good knowledge of programming and scripting languages (Python, JavaScript, bash, and similar).
• Familiar with ElasticSearch, Nagios, Prometheus, Ansible, and Terraform

Leveraging a powerful combination of expertise, round-the-clock availability, and extensive technical resources, Acuative simplifies the entire process of managing your technology. We specialize in delivering service-focused technology solutions for the enterprise, service provider, financial, retail, and public sector markets.

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