Python Development Engineer | Hoo Exchange


Full Time

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the product development of the core business system of the company’s R&D system;
2. Participate in system requirements analysis, design and development to ensure product stability and performance;
3. Independently complete detailed module design and development, and be able to guide team members and assist team members in solving technical problems;
4. Complete the preparation of high-quality project materials, including but not limited to requirements documents and design documents;

job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, mathematics, etc., with more than 3 years of relevant experience;
2. Proficiency in python language, familiar with common data structures and algorithms;
3. Familiar with MVC architecture, proficient in at least one development framework such as Django, Flask, Tornado, etc.;
4. Familiar with MySQL/Redis/MongoDB;
5. Familiar with Linix operating system, proficient in shell programming, able to independently complete common operations such as project launch and platform construction;
6. Strong coding ability, familiar with the development of distributed, microservices, and high-performance Web services, and have a certain ability to design system architecture
7. Like to delve into open source technology and automation technology, have a strong ability to analyze and solve application problems, and github open source projects are preferred;
8. Have strong learning ability and good communication skills with a sense of responsibility, work proactively, and have a team spirit.

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