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The primary responsibility of full stack developers is to design and deliver full stack web applications. They spend their days writing new computer programs, and change and maintain existing programs as directed. When given a new project, full stack developers are in charge of providing a finished, professional software product

HTML/CSS coding – full stack developers need HTML and CSS skills because they are the core building blocks that allow for website content styling and design.

Server-side and back-end coding – developers need to confidently utilize server-side languages (such JavaScript) and back-end languages for databases (such as Node.js, Python, Ruby, and PHP).

Application architecture design – organize and design applications, structure code, separate files, set up proper file hosting, and configure databases.

Problem-solving skills.

Communication skills – strong oral and written communication skills for interfacing with clients, fellow developers, and other departments.

Naseej is the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Arab World serving the region’s top Academic, research, cultural, and government organizations and corporations for the past 23 years, delivering World-class solutions and services that enabled our partners to manage and share knowledge and information.

At Naseej our vision has always focused on being a true partner to our customers and a major contributor to the advancement and spread of knowledge in our societies. This vision is reflected in Naseej’s solutions portfolio which is carefully designed to address the needs of organizations and individuals along the Knowledge life cycle (from Knowledge acquisition & capture, to Knowledge control & organizing, then Knowledge search & discovery, and finally Knowledge sharing & dissemination). The ultimate objective of which, is to arm organizations and individuals in the Arab world with the tools, technologies, systems, and best practices for them to effectively manage and share knowledge and information, for the advancements of the organizations and ultimately the societies they operate in.

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