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Employment: Temporary

WTS Energy is seeking to hire MS Access Expertise to setup a database at one of our client’s place in Dubai for 2 to 3 weeks initially and later on call off basis.

The role requires expert proficiency in Microsoft Access 2007-2010 or compatible. A back end database structure with 10-20 different tables will be provided. While the back end database is continuously updated with records, the candidate will develop a front end that will develop dynamic forms and reports using user input to extract specific information from the back end database. The candidate will discuss the specific requirements for forms and reports with the Employer and develop the front end on his own computer, designing all queries, forms and reports. On weekly basis, an update of the front end database is submitted and compatibility with the back end database is to be verified. The candidate will also ensure that the back end and front end can be uploaded and linked on a Sharepoint environment, where any used can access the front end. For this purpose, he will meet with the Employer´s representative at his site office on agreed time.

• Expertise in MS Access database
• Available to work on temporary basis and on call off basis.

Expected meeting events:
• Initial meeting: introduction, alignment on database structure and front end expectations, deliverables and timeline
• Initial deployment: upload the back end and front end to the Employer’s Sharepoint environment, verify the compatibility between front end and back end after hand over

Other activities can be done remotely, unless specific alignment would be required.

The candidate is expected to report progress on weekly basis and submit on weekly basis an update of the front end database along with a changelog that indicates which updates have been made since previous version.

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We operate globally with offices in 12 countries, supplying the International Oil, Gas and Energy industry with professional personnel.

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