Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your job search

As we move into the summer months of 2020, by now we are well acquainted with the recent events hitting markets hard and disrupting hiring patterns. Whenever we are faced with challenging times, we are presented with unique opportunities. As a job seeker, you will have to remain proactive in your search for employment. Staying on top of who is hiring and what industries are experiencing a slowdown form only part of the picture.

Understanding the impact of recent events empowers you to lead your search with knowledge and direction. In addressing the following questions, you may find data and insights sourced from Hired’s 2020 State of Remote Work Report

What are companies saying?

We recently surveyed employers,  57% of which said they believe remote work policies will continue to be more flexible even after COVID-19. 

As companies become more familiar with the benefits that remote work provides to their business, they will begin to define what “remote” means to them. Remote may mean a preference for local candidates with perhaps a few visits into the office from time to time. Remote may be extended to include workers in the same time zone or perhaps a preference to hire remote workers across the globe, that are online past regular business hours for continuous operations.  

What is the outlook for tech jobs in 2020?

Of the employers surveyed, 68% said they are still actively hiring, and certain verticals such as e-commerce, cybersecurity, and delivery services are experiencing massive demand they are striving to meet. Since the technology infrastructure of many of these services are mission-critical to business success, there is still a strong demand for tech talent.

While the push towards a remote workforce has been imminent for quite some time, as lockdown measures relax we will see a return to a new in-office culture with social distancing measures accounted for in office design and remote policies. Tech jobs are still in demand despite lay-offs and certain industries trimming down, new emerging startups are on the rise. Other industries to be on the lookout for will be heath tech, particularly telemedicine and business software solutions.  

What are other candidates in the market saying?

Of the candidates surveyed in our recent report on the state of remote work, we discovered that nearly half (48%) of tech professionals in North America are even more interested in remote work than they were before. Also, only 5% are less interested in remote work. It’s clear that although many may not have the most ideal work environments right now, their desire to have more flexibility is stronger than ever before.

In our recent analysis, we found that 43% of tech professionals are actively searching for a new job, and a full 35% are open to new opportunities. Tech talent in the UK shares the same sentiment with more than two thirds (70%) stating that they are very or moderately open to a new role.

Less than 20% of tech talent is concerned about video interviews, this is a very positive signal for employers, as it shows that tech professionals are not inherently stressed by the idea of remote interviewing and how it may impact their decision.

Where can I get help?

While candidate competition has increased, causing an oversupply in talent, you will have to spend some extra time on your existing digital footprint to ensure you are setting yourself up for success. This may mean brushing up on your knowledge of recruitment, hiring a coach, reaching out to mentors, and making new connections. Spend time on developing your personal brand across job platforms and recognize where you may need help from friends, family, colleagues, professors and, experts. 

If you are currently job seeking and happen to work in the tech space, be sure to sign up on to start attracting interview requests remotely. If you are on Hired and looking for tips to increase your reach, check out the following video with pointers for your Hired profile. Overall, do your research, ask for help, and speak up when needed to stay ahead of the curve. 

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